WS12X6-140BR , 12 Inch (in) x 6 Inch (in) Brass Deep Frame Wash Sieve

Diameter 12 in
Depth 6 in
Mesh Number #140 BRASS
Mesh Openings 0.0041 in 0.106 mm 106 Micron
Wire Diameter 0.0027 in 0.071 mm
Conforms to A.S.T.M.E-11. Each Sieve has an Individualized etched serial number and is supplied with a certificate of analysis. Wash sieves (Deep frame US STD. Sieves) are generally used but not limited to wet testing of various materials without losing any of the sample. 2-1/2" Dia X 3" Deep tru 12" Dia. X 12" Deep. Permanent and removeable mesh wash sieves available. All wet washing sieves come standard with A.S.T.M #200 Mesh (except for the metric wash unit which comes installed with #180)