Porcelain Evaporating Dishes

At Dual Manufacturing we do our best to provide the best lab equipment for your next project. Almost every type of material that requires sampling and analysis has some amount of moisture in them. Through normal and natural chemical reactions, moisture (better known as solvents) needs to be removed from the materials that are going to be analyzed. So how does one remove solvents from a material sample?

By the use of an evaporation dish (porcelain and nickel are common types of evaporation dishes), the material is placed in an evaporation dish and placed into an oven for drying. The evaporation dish is used because of its ability to withstand extreme changes via heat or heating and cooling processes. The temperature that is set for the oven will also be a contributing factor, as material solvents range in solvent amounts.

Dry material samples are far more accurate to test. This is why evaporation dishes were discovered to be the most successful way of reaching this target of solvent removal. The shape of the evaporation dish is also very important to successful drying out unwanted solvents; it should have a pouring lip as well as be the correct dimensions.

At Dual Manufacturing Co., Inc., we only utilize pure virgin nickel (99 percent) for our evaporating dishes, which are commonly used for fusions. These evaporation dishes are structured with flat bottoms, straight sides with varying capacities, heights and diameters, and a pour lip.

Our porcelain evaporating dishes are glazed inside to add to its already incredible endurance and quality. As with our nickel evaporation dishes, our porcelain evaporation dishes also come in a variety of capacities, diameters and heights.

Here at Dual Manufacturing Co., Inc., we have been assisting industrial project leaders since 1942 and have come to earn the trust and respect of many customers in many different industries. Our success and continued success falls to our family-owned/family values. Our employees all have been with us long-term and their pride shows....and extends right to our customers. Please contact us for any questions or to speak to a sales representative.

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Top Diameter


List Price


120 ml Porcelain Evaporating Dish


120 ml

90 mm

37 mm


250 ml Porcelain Evaporating Dish


250 ml

115 mm

45 mm


525 ml Porcelain Evaporating Dish


525 ml

165 mm

54 mm


765 ml Porcelain Evaporating Dish


765 ml

185 mm

54 mm


1285 ml Porcelain Evaporating Dish


1285 ml

215 mm

63 mm


Stainless Steel Evaporating Dish

Stainless Steel


3/8 in

8 in