D-4327 HK Quik Siv Sieve Shakers

The Hand Siv is an effective tool for lab powder batches. It utilizes a high-speed, stainless steel Turbomite model CVT-S-10 to produce over 20,000 vibrations per minute (VPM) while using 1.4 cfm. This high-frequency vibration is ideal for rapid and consistent throughput even on fine mesh.

Features and Benefits of the HK Quik Siv include:
  • Ensures greater consistency and faster throughput that traditional hand sieving
  • Hand-held and easy to use with quick clamping and button activated air valve
  • High-frequency vibrator enables fast screening and reduces blinding
  • Highly affordable, requiring minimal compressed air

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Vibrations Per Minute

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Sieve Shaker

For 3" Diameter Sieves

20,000 vpm

3 in


Sieve Shaker

For 8" Diameter Sieves

20,000 vpm

8 in


Sieve Shaker

For 10" Diameter Sieves

20,000 vpm

10 in


Sieve Shaker

For 12" Diameter Sieves

20,000 vpm

12 in